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By making a booking you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You understand that the cost quoted and booked is a guide price and that this may change depending on size, coat condition and grooming temperament

  • Your dog is in a good state of health (or conditions and medications declared) and up to date with all relevant vaccinations

  • Please do not feed your dog in the two hours before the appointment and dogs should be toileted beforehand to ensure they are comfortable during the groom

  • The wellbeing and comfort of your dog is my priority and therefore should your dog become stressed I may stop the groom and ask for you to collect them.  The full cost will be payable regardless of how much has been completed and it important that we create a grooming plan to help build your dog's confidence

  • De-matting will only carried out for a maximum of 15 minutes and only if it does not cause distress or damage to your dog, a full clip off may be necessary and this will significantly change their look (a more detailed explanation will be covered in your consultation)

  • Cut & Cuddle Pet Groomers take every care and precaution whilst grooming your dog but should it be deemed necessary a vet will be called or visited, all costs remain your responsibility and therefore it is advised that you have adequate insurance in place 

  • Photos and videos will be taken before, during and after the groom and I reserve the right to use them for any marketing material on behalf of Cut & Cuddle Pet Groomers unless notified otherwise

  • General maintenance of your dogs coat between grooms should be carried out, I am happy to share with you the best routine and tools for your dogs coat


All dogs will be given a required grooming schedule depending on breed, coat, style, behaviour. This schedule is what your starting groom costs are based on.


If you are out of the schedule then grooms take longer, are harder work, add extra strain on equipment and often require more products in the session.


For every 2 weeks over the recommended schedule there will be an additional £5 fee, up to a maximum of £20. If you are unsure of your timeframes, then please do get in contact.


As I operate a one to one service it is critical that you drop off and collect your dog at the times agreed.  If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment then you will need to reschedule as the groom cannot be completed in the time allocated, if this is the case then your deposit is not transferable or refundable.  You will be contacted approximately 10 - 15 minutes before the groom is finished, if you are late then £5 for every 10 minutes late will be added to the cost of the groom.


I understand that from time to time you may need to reschedule your appointment, providing that this is done more than 48 hours ahead of your appointment you will be able to do this for free.


As a small business I cannot operate if you do not show up on the day or give very limited notice, here are the charges to expect if you no show, cancel or reschedule an appointment:

  • More than 48 hours notice – free

  • 48 hours to 24 hours – 50% of the groom cost

  • Less than 24 hours or no show – 100% of the groom cost




By accessing my site, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use and are bound by all applicable laws and regulations. The site and its original content, features, and services are owned by Cut & Cuddle Pet Groomers and are protected by international copyright, trademark, intellectual property, and other proprietary rights laws. If, for any reason, I believe that my Terms and Conditions have not been upheld, I reserve the right to suspend or terminate access to my website without prior notice or liability.


I have reviewed all processes in the salon as well as following the government guidance and I am now happy that I can safely groom your dog with a few extra steps in place. It will add time on to the groom so please be aware that it will be longer than your normal appointment.

I have decided to absorb the extra costs associated with this but I do need your help make this as manageable as possible:

1. You MUST NOT book or attend an appointment if you or someone you’ve been in contact with has/is displaying any of the COVID19 symptoms
2. Dogs will be collected from outside to maintain social distancing, please do not come in
3. I will switch to my own lead and you will need to take any collars, leads or harnesses home with you
4. Treats are still welcome if you feel it will help support your dog in their groom, however, please ensure these are brought in disposable packaging as they will not be returned
5. Bows & Bandanas will not be given out during this time to reduce the risk of the virus potentially being transferred to your home
6. All dogs will be sprayed with Leucillin before leaving, for more information:

Matted Coat:
It is important that you are honest with me on arrival, if the coat is matted (you cannot get a comb freely through the coat) or heavily knotted, even if only in some areas then it will need to be shaved short for the welfare of your dog.

I appreciate that it has been longer in between your grooms and there is no one at fault here but we must do the right thing. If you are unaware that this needs to happen and it is required after I assess the coat, I will notify you by text. There is no alternative in this situation and I will do what I believe is in the best interest for your dog.

Due to the damage that a matted coat does to clipping blades and the extra time required to complete the groom safely there is an additional £10 charged on top of the full groom cost. It is critical that you then get back to your regular six week schedule

Drop Off & Collection:
Due to the social distancing and additional cleaning protocols it is important that you are on time for both drop off and collection. You will be sent a text 10 -15 minutes before collection is required, for every 10 minutes late there is an additional £5 charge on top of the grooming fee, this has always been the case and will be strictly enforced during this time.

You will be sent a link via email where you will be able to pay securely online, I kindly request that this is settled the day of your appointment.


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